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Canon Pixma iX6520 Printer Driver Download

Canon Pixma iX6520 Printer Drivers. Photographers who now and then have the desire for large-format prints of their photos are the target audience of the Pixma iX6550. The printer prints the photos in a maximum of A3, working with five ink tanks, the proven color inks from Canon and small droplets of 1 picoliter. But the luxury is not cheap, because in terms of print costs, the printer is already quite strong.

Canon has compared to the predecessor Pixma iX4000 , which already has several years under its belt , made the case a little more compact, so that the new claims about 30 percent less space for themselves. The base measures 55 x 30 centimeters, in height the Pixma grows about 16 centimeters. Overall, the decor is quite functional (critics could also say: poor). The connection to the PC takes place exclusively via USB, the paper supply amounts to 150 sheets, whereby no special devices for several paper types are present - with a change of medium must be redone so manually.

Canon Pixma iX6520 Driver Download

The print quality is unlikely to fail a potential purchase of the A3 printer. A high resolution in combination with the fine droplets of ink as well as the use of 4 colors plus one tank of pigment black for text printing, promises good to very good prints, especially on special paper. Even at the printing tempo there is hardly anything to suspend, provided that the values ​​announced by Canon can actually be realized. Determined according to the relatively practical ISO standard, 11.3 black and white pages and 8.3 color pages should be in the output tray after 1 minute. For an A3 photo, Canon lasts for two minutes, a 10x15 photo print is finished in 36 seconds.

Rather, the crux of the new photo printer lies in the expected page costs, as pointed out by the proven pointed finger of the subject portal Druckerchannel.de. The small ink tanks give the Canon a running distance of 330 pages (black) or 510 pages (color), which translates into almost 12 cents for the color page - in the internal ranking of the portal, the Canon wears the red lantern. The printer should therefore under no circumstances be used for text documents, but if you are looking for a particularly compact printer for large-format photos and do not want too many print jobs to be processed by him, this should be in April 2011 for around 200 euros in the shops take a closer look at the upcoming device - especially as it comes up with some clever creative features.
Canon Pixma iX6520 Driver Download

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