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Canon Pixma MG2220 Printer Driver Download

Canon Pixma MG2220 Printer Drivers. I own and use the device for more than 3 years several times a week. ALWAYS without any problems. Total clean pressure. Original cartridges knows the printer only from its first use. Since then he is doing well with the compatible and cheap replacement cartridges. After several negative experiences with previous models of Brother, HP, Lexmark and yes, even a Canon was there, I am very satisfied with this and I hope that he will do it for a while. Maybe it's up to me that I did not have much experience with the previous printers. At that time, I seldom printed anything (certainly not hundreds of pages at a time). Possibly. the devices were "under-challenged", causing ink and / or printheads to dry faster. Unfortunately, I can not comment on the scanner function because I have never used it. I am completely satisfied with the device. It has been doing its job for years and very reliably. Even with cheap cartridges from no-name manufacturers convinced the print quality and there are no problems. That's the big advantage of printers like this one over the competitors of HP etc.

Canon Pixma MG2220 Driver Download

The printer has been performing its service reliably for years. Except for the annoying reminders regarding the cartridge change, the printer does what he should. A photo print is also possible with appropriate paper and also good. A few leaves were included with me. The ink is in my opinion never really empty, but ignoring stubborn until a color change comes, can delay the whole thing something. Maybe the ink just dries too fast if a while is not printed ?! But still the printer works reliably. Scanning is also good, except sometimes stored as a PDF, sometimes as a photo? I did not care so far, but it is also important if you want to ship (the size varies greatly). Copying works perfectly. On the recommendation of a friend, I bought this multifunction device. After one year of use I can only recommend this device. All three functions top !!!
Canon Pixma MG2220 Driver Download

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