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Download 4shared Desktop, 4shared Uploader

4shared Desktop Download4shared Desktop is a program for managing the service account free storage offered by 4shared. The application lets you upload files to a storage space of 10 GB, with the ability to access and download any file easily from its interface. Works as file backup and data, with the advantage that you can access them from any computer or mobile device. Instead of using a USB flash drive, portable drive, DVD backup and physical environment, this safe and always accessible virtual space is used.

4shared lets you create a folder structure, just as if it were a hard drive or local storage. Lets you select and upload multiple files simultaneously to any of the folders created with the objective of accelerating the process.

Download 4shared Desktop

An interesting feature is to obtain direct access to download certain files, share those links with others. The first time you use the application, access the registration link for a user and choose a password that will be used later to use the service and access the virtual space. 4shared Desktop 4.0.31 is the latest version for Windows, there are versions for Linux and Mac.

NOTE: During installation you can uncheck the options to install a toolbar.