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Canon Faxphone L190 Printer Driver Download

Canon Faxphone L190 Printer Drivers. Fast and efficient. Would get five starts if it had the following improvements: When Sending fax to multiple numbers it would be nice to have the option to either one confirmation for each separate number or one confirmation for all in one report. It only does the latter. Having the option to switch between single and double sided when storing the fax would be nice. The machine currently only allows one setting per transmission. So if you have 5 double sided pages and 5 single sided it is going to send the blank sides of the single sided pages. The incoming ring is VERY loud. I have the volume turned all the way down and it is still disruptive in my store when it rings. There is a quiet mode but I believe that turns the ringer completely off. I would still like to be able to hear the ring without it blasting.

Canon Faxphone L190 Driver Download

Canon Brand is standard in this business. I use it for restaurant fax orders. So far its been great, no issues. Toner is expensive. But that's with all laser printers. Excellent machine! We usually use it for outgoing faxes. I wish though as soon as I hit Start it would show on screen the activity and as to whether the fax is sending, in case it gets a busy signal. If it fails to fax, like it did yesterday because the other office's fax was broken, it does print a page telling me that. Overall, no regrets; I think we made a good choice in this machine. One reviewer said it won't send a bunch of sheets at a time; I've only evaluated up to 5 pages at a time, no issues. Next time we send more and it if jams I will write back! We purchased this for an office and send only a few faxes each day. I believe it is more meant for a busier office but we love this machine. The preset buttons were extremely easy to program. We are very happy with this machine. (we don't use as a printer at all).
Canon Faxphone L190 Driver Download

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