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Download Fujitsu SP-1130 Driver Scanner

Fujitsu SP-1130 Scanner Driver. The goal, with the SP series, is to offer a valid tool at a competitive price, a product easy to integrate in the usual workflow and immediate to use, to minimize the costs necessary for the startup of the scanning process. As for the SP-1130, Fujitsu has incorporated 30 ppm scan engines in a decidedly compact body, measuring only 298x135x133 mm when closed. The loading tray is easily hooked by the rear slide, while the exit tray can be pulled out from the bottom profile of the scanner. Even the traction rollers can be easily inspected and replaced, thanks to the opening of the central body, which allows an immediate cleaning and removal of possible jams. In particular, the scanners are equipped with a peeling roller that carefully separates each page and an ultrasonic sensor to prevent double drafts of the document. The Fujitsu SP-1130 interfaces only with Windows environments, via USB port, and has a practical power button in the front position, flanked by the programmable key to start the most common tasks. The top loader can accept up to 50 pages of paper with a typical grammage for the office and also mixed batches, with different sizes and weights. Cards and envelopes are not a problem, since it is possible to insert paper up to 209 g / sqm and cards without embossing. The whole SP family boasts two 600 DPI CIS sensors with LED light source and can therefore scan both sides in one pass. In particular, SP-1130 can reach 30 ppm and 60 ipm. The system works with a 24-bit color depth, enough to ensure good detail and capture all the details found in typical office documents. This Fujitsu SP-1130 scanner can be configured in a few moments.

Fujitsu SP-1130 Driver Download

Once connected to the PC it is sufficient to start the CD supplied to install the PaperStream IP drivers, compatible with 32 and 64 bit environments, in TWAIN and ISIS mode. Fujitsu PaperStream IP software provides an easy-to-read interface, as well as numerous advanced features to improve document quality and legibility. The adopted driver automatically detects the document size, the duplex information and is able to perform automatic page rotation. The essential software kit includes an error management tool, the user manual, the auto update system and the "Scanner Central Admin Agent", which allows you to select the operating modes of the device and to program some aspects, as for example the timeout for standby. Compared to higher-end scanners, the software package has been resized, also to contain costs. Fujitsu offers Presto! PageManager 9, essential to manage all the functions of the scanner and to organize scans and destinations. Complete the bundled ABBYY FineReader 12 Sprint package , for integrated OCR recognition in 190 languages. The latter offers interesting functions for digitizing documents and saving them in PDF, JPG, TIFF formats and creating searchable and editable Word or Excel files. The Fujitsu SP-1130 software recognizes the text depicted in photographs taken with a digital camera or smartphone and is capable of saving books, newspaper articles and any other text in ePub for reading on tablets or other portable devices.

Download Fujitsu SP-1130 Driver Scanner

Download here:
These Drivers below also support for Fujitsu SP-1120 / SP-1125 / SP-1130