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Brother MFC-J485DW Printer Driver Download

Brother MFC-J485DW Printer Drivers. After my 11-year-old HP started getting more and more trouble it was time for something new. In the meantime, some new possibilities have come about, which did not make the selection easy. It was important to me that he is not too tall for the space under my desk. I then ordered an HP ordered for 155.- Euro. This Brother MFC-J485DW printer would have been great if it had worked as it should, unfortunately messages such as paper jams or denied functions like EmaI to Scan were annoying. So back with it and order Brother. Installation worked perfectly and very easy, without problems. The wlan on my PC worked in contrast to the HP. Apps like Drop Box, Google Drive could be activated easily and give you the possibility to directly upload or download files and photos without the need of a PC. Likewise Email to Scan! Unfortunately, he has no own email address with its own sender or to send a mail times directly to the printer. I am a casual printer and the quality is good for documents such as photos, the decisive factor here is the paper and the setting on the printer. The printer cartridges have about 80% content purchased by myself, here I can not say anything about consumption. I first looked for a USB port, it is inside the printer.

Brother MFC-J485DW Driver Download

What I do not like so much, the display is quite small and has a very bad view. Looking diagonally at it does not really work but fortunately the display can be tilted upwards. The paper tray and the guides are also very vulnerable and are not really trusting. I would have liked me too, the printer is complete or front has a cover, where the pressure comes out. The relatively large opening is prone to dust. The software main interface on the PC looks stale and Windows 98 times. But you have to see the value for money and just make some compromises! And everything works. The Brother MFC-J485DW printer stays with me, simply because he has done his job so far, all functions were easy to install and above all 100% work. This is crucial for me, in addition 3 years guarantee who buys at Amazon. 4 stars because he still has to earn the 5. For this he has to survive the 3-year guarantee and the printer cartridges must not be dried up as in my old HP after 4 weeks without use. Unfortunately, the printer should stop the function when the cartridges are empty, even those where no color need, that would really be a minus point, but I still have to check for veracity. The speed of print and scan is fine for home and casual printers. Transfers to cloud or email are very fast. For home users and occasional printers, it is highly recommended and lightweight and compact. Brother MFC-J485DW has my recommendation for it!
Download Driver Brother MFC-J485DW

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