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Brother MFC-J4320DW Printer Driver Download

Brother MFC-J4320DW Printer Drivers. Yup, that's it! I have been looking for a small printer for the living room that is suitable for both photos and normal paper print. The Brother MFC-J4320DW can now also make decent copies and fax if necessary. I do not need more. It is small and therefore space-saving, it can be operated via WLAN and App and therefore does not necessarily have to be near the PC or router. That's a huge plus for me. Sure, who wants to use it as a fax, is limited in the choice of location, because there must be a cable to the jack, but who does not use the fax, can easily put it in the corner and the printer does his job properly. To the sides it needs a bit of space, because the power connection is attached on the left side. Does not look great, but now, it does not bother me. What annoys me a little bit is that he has to stay on stream, otherwise the settings are gone. I print maybe once a week what, when it comes up, because I need this Brother MFC-J4320DW not always responsive. But that's a bummer of mine, probably there are not many people who pull the cables of their electrical appliances when not in use.

Brother MFC-J4320DW Driver Download

The device of the printer is self-explanatory and also very easy to understand for amateurs. For me it worked right away and I'm computer blond. The Brother MFC-J4320DW can be contacted via the program on the enclosed CD or simply by app. Both works perfectly. The prints, scans and copies are flawless. I have scanned photos, documents copied, letters and photos printed, all without problems, color as the originals, no problems, no paper jam, duplex printing and document feeder flawless. The printing process is not too loud and not too fast, but for home use it is enough. There are printer cartridges to try on, which just do not last very long. They are just meant for the first commissioning. When they become empty, the printer logs on and displays it on its small display as it reports all operations. If he wants to complain because, for example, the wrong paper size has been specified, he will report it. Incidentally, the cartridges can be replaced from the front, which is nice because the printer does not have to be taken apart. He says exactly what he wants and is very accommodating to me. In some reviews it is criticized that he would give error messages only in Dutch, but the problem has long been fixed and he is clearly understandable in German. Conclusion: The Brother MFC-J4320DW is a true all-rounder, which is absolutely suitable for private use. Sure, there are better photo printers or more powerful copiers for those who need specialists, but since the little Brother does not want to go and cost significantly more than him. For me he is ideal and I am satisfied. Five stars.

Download Driver Brother MFCJ4320DW

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