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Citizen CL-S6621 Printer Driver Download

Citizen CL-S6621 Printer Drivers. This Citizen CL-S6621 is a very praiseworthy is that the device really economical with the (too) expensive tape bypasses. That was for me with the main reason to choose this manufacturer and this device. In addition, it fits well in the hand and is relatively easy to use after a short exercise. "Relative" because I think it's not really intuitive. Incidentally, the preview function is very nice, indicating how much tape is needed for the intended printing. This helps to avoid misprints and is a small plausibility check (eg if you are not sure which font size is currently selected or if the available space for the sticker is limited). Unfortunately, I have not found a shop where I could buy the right tapes locally. There is usually only what the usual competitors. But that's the way it is often, with the good things in life. So I'm almost forced to shop on the Internet. Half as bad, because for the home use you get already with the device supplied material quite far.

Citizen CL-S6621 Driver Download

The Citizen CL-S6621 label printer fully met my expectations. I have wished this for a long time and after receipt I was able to get started thanks to the included label tapes. The color 'yellow' as a background for labels is personally too obtrusive to me. To test the individual settings and features, the yellow band is excellent. You can use it to do test prints, for example to create tabs for folders or to discover the individual fonts and additional gadgets (eg frames, symbols, label length, etc.). Recommended are the additional purchases of transparent and white printer ribbons. Personally, I use the band with the transparent background very often, eg for cans in the kitchen / freezer or something similar. I only use the device via the network plug.

Citizen CL-S6621 Printer Driver Download

DescriptionDownloadOperating systems
Label Printer UtilityLabelPrinterUtility2.0.3.0.zipWindows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7
Windows DriverWindows_Driver_v7.4.3.M.3.zipWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Vista
VCOM DriverV-COM_Driver.zipWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
SAP Smart Forms DriverSAP_Smart_Forms_Driver.zipSAP Smart Forms
CUPS Linux DriverCUPS_Linux_Driver_v2016.3.25.zipLinux
CUPS Mac DriverCUPS_Mac_Driver_v2016.3.25.zipMac OS-X