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Download Xerox Duplex Travel Driver Scanner

Xerox Duplex Travel Scanner Driver. With the Xerox Duplex Travel Scanner little practice you can achieve quite good results with the small, handy device. The transfer to the PC works fine. This Xerox Duplex Travel Scanner handheld scanner is handy for scanning pages in the library instead of photocopying them. The scans are very good with a bit of practice. Of course, the scanner does not replace a flatbed scanner, but it is not built for that. The only drawback is that the scanner does not have any batteries and they can not be charged via the enclosed USB cable. The enclosed μSD card with 8 GB is big enough for a large number of pages. I usually only use the lowest resolution and select PDF as the output format. Under Linux, the scanner is recognized as a drive and the individual PDFs can be easily combined with "PDF Split and Merge" to form a file. For me, he has become a constant companion in the library and saves copying costs. I always have a full pair of spare batteries, which is sufficient for a library visit. Only questioning glances should not be surprised when working with the scanner. Xerox Duplex Travel Scanner is a good scanner at a fair price, while scanning you need a steady hand but with a little practice, it works quite well.

Xerox Duplex Travel Scanner Driver Download

The results are to be proud of. The transfer of the scans to the PC also works super easy. All in all a great part. I can not say much about the product itself, as it was a gift for someone. Delivery was without problems and went fast. I also find positive that the seller has still inquired after the satisfaction. The Xerox Duplex Travel Scanner scanner is easy to use and works flawlessly. You can take it everywhere. I can recommend this device to anyone, because I am completely excited about it. The quality is better than I expected, even in the lowest resolution you get quite useful document scans. Large memory card is included, and even if the manual is written in typical Chinese-German, I get along with the operation wonderfully. Upon receipt of the delivery, the scanner was immediately unpacked and tried. Insert batteries, the memory card was already inserted. Already it started. I tried all settings once. I am very satisfied with the result. I was skeptical at first, but the device is great in use. Documents and photos can be easily scanned. I am also very enthusiastic about the quality.

Download Xerox Duplex Travel Driver Scanner

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