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Download Xerox 7600i Driver Scanner

Xerox 7600i Scanner Driver. By replacing the well-proven Xerox 7600, the Xerox 7600i scanner retains the main advantages of the predecessor: compactness (dimensions of the model is 400x256x43mm), light weight (1.62 kg), stylish design and low energy consumption. These characteristics are provided by the use of LED technology (the RGB LED light-emitting diode as a light source and the CIS (Contact Image Sensor) matrix as a light-sensitive receiving element), making it possible to create small-sized devices that are powered by a USB connection to the computer. The Xerox 7600i technology also provides excellent scanning quality up to 1200 dpi, which allows digitization of both text documents containing drawings and diagrams, and amateur and professional photographs, ensuring high accuracy of transmission of even the smallest details of images.

Xerox 7600i Driver Download

Moreover, the Visioneer Acuity application integrated into the Xerox 7600i can independently adjust the quality of scanning, increasing the clarity of text documents and removing extraneous noise and interference. As a result, the accuracy of optical text recognition improves, which facilitates further work with electronic versions of documents. Another undeniable advantage of the Xerox 7600i scanner is the optimal performance for the personal user of the device due to the excellent speed characteristics (digitizing one page at a resolution of 200 and 300 dpi takes only 8 seconds in monochrome and 14 seconds in color) and a high maximum daily load of the scanner 200 pages). Convenience with the Xerox 7600i is achieved through the presence of a control panel with 3 quick scan buttons: Email, Copy and Custom. The built-in Visioneer OneTouch software allows you to program buttons for scanning to specified addresses, adjust the format, resolution, and document sampling settings.

Download Xerox 7600i Driver Scanner

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