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Download Xerox DocuMate 3115 Driver Scanner

Xerox DocuMate 3115 Scanner Driver. The Xerox Company introduced a new drawbar-transformer Documate 3115. As the manufacturer notes, this small, convenient and lightweight device can be used almost anywhere. If you work at it in the office, it is a full-fledged document scanner with power from the network and a tray for automatic feed of originals. If you need to go to a meeting, you can take with you not the entire device, but only its scanning module, which is easily detached, weighs 1 kg and is powered by the USB port of the laptop. Documate 3115 will help quickly at a speed of up to 15 pages per minute scan contracts, business cards, cards and other color and black and white documents from two sides at once, and then save them in a convenient format. Using a new scanner from Xerox is easy, the device already contains 6 of the most popular scenarios, which can easily be reconfigured if necessary. In addition, this miracle scanner is inexpensive. The main feature of the new Xerox scanner is the ability to detach the scanner module from the main feeder tray and as a result, the user receives an easy (1 kg) and compact (297 × 71 × 84 mm) mobile scanner with manual feed and USB powered, capable of automatic two-sided color scanning. Xerox DocuMate 3115 is a compact and inexpensive lingering entry-level scanner. In the desktop version, the machine scans 15 pages or 30 images per minute in two-sided mode.

Xerox DocuMate 3115 Driver Download

The Xerox DocuMate 3115 capacity of the ADF is 20 sheets. Thanks to the scanning line of CIS type and the LED light source implemented in the DocuMate 3115, it does not need to be warmed up and ready for operation right after switching on. What distinguishes all Xerox scanners, and DocuMate 3115 scanner is no exception. It is achieved through the use of the most advanced software OneTouch technology and Kofax VRS algorithms. You can transfer documents to the electronic view with all the necessary settings on the DocuMate 3115 with just one click and you only need to select one of the six pre-configured scripts on the panel. Each script contains a number of steps to process the scanned image and provides the user with a wide range of options for setting the resolution and format for scanning the image, selecting the final destination and a number of other parameters. Digitized documents can be sent directly to most popular office programs, to network printers and faxes, stored in network or local folders, as well as to remote file vaults. Thanks to the built-in algorithms of Kofax VRS, the quality of images is significantly improved, including the process of recognizing the scanned text. The DocuMate 3115 basic package includes software for text recognition and ordering of scan results, as well as special software for users of Mac OS, so that the scanner fully supports the work with this system.

Download Xerox DocuMate 3115 Driver Scanner

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