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Download NeatReceipts Driver Scanner

NeatReceipts Scanner Driver. The NeatReceipts scanner comes with very extensive accessories. An 8 GB microUSB card is included as well as a suitable USB cable. These are, however, the already somewhat aged mini-USB standard with the somewhat thicker connectors. The manual is only in English and some things are not feasible without studying the manual, such as setting the date and time. A practical fabric bag is included for storage and a cleaning cloth ensures a clean lens. A CD with additional software is also included, eg an OCR software. For the white balance, a reference paper was also enclosed. The NeatReceipts scanner is quite light at 150 g and therefore also easy to use. It scans up to A4 format. The resolutions are 900, 600 and 300 DPI. The scan speed depends on the resolution. At 300 DPI you only need 3 seconds. If it is 900 DPI you should already take more than 10 seconds.

NeatReceipts Driver Download

The NeatReceipts scan results are stored on the microSD card, so you can take the scanner anywhere. The NeatReceipts power supply is 2 AA batteries, the battery operation is also possible. You take the pictures by plugging the microSD card or connecting via USB to the PC. Driver does not need it. The scanner will be recognized immediately on Windows 10. Scanning without microSD card directly to the PC is not possible. A battery pack should have more than 200 scanned pages in LOW resolution, ie 300 DPI, create. To keep them for a long time, the scanner automatically turns off after 3 minutes. The settings will not be saved. The default is LOW and if you want to scan at the highest resolution all the time, you have to reset it every time you turn it on. The scan format can be set to JPG or PDF. Multi-sided scanning is not possible. If necessary, a white balance can also be performed.

Download NeatReceipts Driver Scanner

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