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Brother HL-6180DW Printer Driver Download

Brother HL-6180DW Printer Drivers. The Brother HL-6180DW Setup under Windows 7 professional 64-bit. At first I tried to set up the printer classically, so simply enter the password of the WLAN via the display. It found the WLAN, but a password was never queried. I found it ugly. The device had to be carried out compulsorily via the installation CD. So start CD and then I tried to set up the printer without USB over Wi-Fi, because I was too lazy to carry the laptop to the printer. Did not work. So I carried the laptop but to the printer and connected with USB (attention, the appropriate cable is NOT included, so who does not have a suitable cable, has a problem). About USB, it went by itself and then the printer was also in the wireless. 

Brother HL-6180DW Driver Download

=== Operation and operation ===
Self-explanatory and easy. The printer drivers are clear and easy to use. The printer starts up quickly and is very fast reception and ready for use after switching on. The paper tray contains exactly 1 packet of 500-sheet paper. The printer prints incredibly fast! I already know some printers. I used to work with Kyocera, but I have never had one that is so fast, even double sided. The printed image is great, even if you print 4 pages on one, everything is still easy to read, nothing is blurred. Point deduction is because if you print really much at once (100-300 pages) it gets very warm and stinks INCREDIBLY. You really have to open the windows and leave the room. I print only at the beginning of the semester such quantities, but then one smells in the whole floor, that I printed. That's really bad. 

=== Conclusion === 
For private users more than adequate. For people who frequently print a lot is not recommended, unless he stands separately in a well-ventilated room where no one else works. Fast, reliable and easy to use. Setup is easiest via USB cable (no other variant worked for me).
Brother HL-6180DW Driver Download

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