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Brother MFC-9320CW Printer Driver Download

Brother MFC-9320CW Printer Drivers. After my two HP multifunction printers have given up after 7 and 9 years of loyal service within a week, I wanted to use a 4 in 1 color laser printer in operation and at home a multifunction printer with ink cartridges due to the rather high printing costs of HP. For the operation I decided on the basis of the Amazon reviews first for the Dell 525. The first copy I have returned, after he has emptied me within 2 black and white print the yellow color cartridge. I almost never print in color. The color cartridges were all still full when I had to replace the black toner after 356 pages (promised 700 pages). Dell just wanted to offer me a refurbish printer in exchange for my 4-week-old. Amazon has swapped him directly for a new one. In this case, I noticed after 2 weeks that I have not received a single fax (otherwise almost daily advertising fax). Both the fax and the reception did not work even after 5 hours Dell-Hotline. Now the third device will be sent to me.

Since I had not yet bought the multifunction device for the home, I quickly bought a Brother MFC-9320CW in the metro on the same day and wanted to use it until replacement of the Dell in operation and continue to use it at home. The fax function worked, which proved to me that my line is okay and the fax function of the Dell really must be broken. Printing in B / W and color also works. But to fully use the printer, you need to install the Control Center 4 CD to use the scan function. Otherwise, the printer says only: "For a PC connection, the supplied software must be installed on the PC." Despite multiple attempts from the CD and the Brother page can not install the program on my Windows7 computer. After complete deinstallation of all software components of the previous installation attempts, I did the installation exactly step by step as instructed by the Brother Hotline. 16 error windows open one after the other during the installation with the slogan: "The object reference was not set to an object instance." Finally, an error message appears: "Part of the path" C: \ Program Files (x86) ... .url "could not be found."

Brother came to the conclusion that my printer is one of the few cases that can not be installed with Win7. It's a Microsoft problem, I should contact Microsoft Customer Service, only they can help me, it would be up to my operating system. 

Brother MFC-9320CW Driver Download

After I wasted two working days in the office with attempts to install the printer, I then called Microsoft Germany. But you wanted to have 89 euros, for the attempt to solve the problem via a hotline. But I do not see, for a 100 euro printer still 89 euros in addition to the already invested hotline charges to shell out. I have already installed 4 Brother Monochrome Laser Printers (HL-2030, HL 2040, HL-2130 and HL-L2340DW without problems, all of which work well with Win7!

Therefore, I am very disappointed that the device is not to install and must return it after 2 days probably already. Will but first try to install it on my Win7 laptop and report here. Since I bought the device but also for emergencies as a replacement device for the office, but it can not be installed here for me as a PC-normal user, I have to rethink whether I still buy a HP multifunction printer instead, even if it is here in the price range gives hardly well-rated devices with single cartridges from HP.

I'm not an IT person who can and wants to solve complicated software conflicts. It may well be that this is an exceptional case and it is actually on my computer, but all other devices can be plug and play easily installed, so I suspect that the Brother software for the Device is not mature. Have my 1-star review raised to 4 stars, because the printer at my Win7 laptop at home properly installed and works as I expected. Only my plan to use the printer in an emergency in the office just works limited (see above). Since I bought the printer but mainly for domestic and not for professional use, I put 3 stars on it!

Brother MFC-9320CW Driver Download

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