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Brother MFC-8910DW Printer Driver Download

Brother MFC-8910DW Printer Drivers. I used the predecessor primarily for the office for several years. He is now allowed to do his duty with a friend because he is still in perfect order. Without the possibility of the Vine program, I would not have bought a new printer at the moment. Installing driver on this Brother MFC-8910DW is easy. All it takes is a power cable and the connection to the telephone network for fax operation. On request, you can also connect USB-LAN to the PC or just use Wi-Fi. My workstation is connected to LAN because I appreciate the advantage of higher speed and freedom from interference with larger printouts. But that is primarily due to our vulnerable wireless network. All necessary cables are included.

After connecting, it makes sense to download and install the drivers and other software from the Brother Solutions Center (Googling). With the help of the software you can enter eg the connection ID comfortably from the PC and do not have to struggle with the small buttons and the display on the device itself. Many other settings can be made. Now connect to the WLAN and printing can begin. Previously, you can still check the firmware on the device itself in the settings and possibly have an automatic update.

The printouts are more than enough for my needs. Whether the printer creates critical photo quality can not be judged, since I've given up printing photos myself. In any case, you can use appropriate special ink and reduce the paper accordingly or alternatively buy a special photo paper cassette. 

The device can draw in the original copy itself or you place as usual the template on the glass, which is essential for oversized templates and books, for example.

The printer even handles duplex mode, which automatically prints on both sides of a sheet. This is synonymous in copy mode, the template, however, he can not turn independently. But he can produce from a one-sided printed stack of documents, a double-sided printed copy version. What more do you want. 

Brother MFC-8910DW Driver Download

The scanner feature is very good and fast for my purposes. I use the small freeware program WinScan2PDF, because I do not need larger settings.

I have long been a friend of Brother's printers because this manufacturer does not sell the ink at a hundred times the price of gold, but has still remained decent. In addition, it is possible without restrictions of the functional range to use even cheaper ink of other origin. I have used only such ink with my old device, without ever having a fault. So for a couple of years now, I only buy more printers from Brother, as long as the company sticks to this concept.

So far, I've always done well with Brother and I can not hesitate to recommend the devices for longevity and energy consumption. Whether this printer meets the respective requirements, everyone has to decide for themselves. For about 100 EUR you will hardly find something cheaper, except if the purchase price is subsidized by the follow-up costs, which is unfortunately the case with many manufacturers.

Brother MFC-8910DW Driver Download

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