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Samsung CLX-6260FW Printer Driver Download

Samsung CLX-6260FW Printer Drivers. The printer prints, scans and copies just like any other. The only thing that should be mentioned here is the WLAN possibility. All you have to do is press the "Wireless" button on the left side of the printer. After successful Samsung CLX-6260FW drivers installation of the app on the smartphone, you can then print on his smartphone via ePrint. That's very handy, of course. To print: First of all, I noticed that the printer takes quite a long time to start. The control panel on the printer is quite simple. First, the on / off switch is on the left. Underneath is the switch for canceling the printing process. Below that is the wireless function. To activate them, just press the button. Finally, you can decide whether you want to print black or in color. Furthermore, two symbols for the two cartridges are attached. The cartridges light up as soon as they are almost empty or empty, so you know, you have to use a new one soon.

Samsung CLX-6260FW Driver Download

The Samsung CLX-6260FW printer also takes a while to complete the printing process. In particular, if I want to print 20 or more pages, it hangs in between and then really takes a long time. I find that very annoying, especially when I'm in a hurry again. Also in color printing he needs in my opinion extremely long. Overall, the Samsung CLX-6260FW printer works pretty slowly, in my opinion. Samsung CLX-6260FW Print quality: The normal black cover when printing, I personally find quite high. It consumes a lot of ink when printing in normal mode. Therefore, I usually print everything with the printer in the draft. This is completely sufficient in my opinion. Scanner: Scanning with the Samsung CLX-6260FW printer works quite well on the whole. As also described during the printing process, the scanning of individual sheets takes a long time. The quality of the scans, I think okay. In my opinion, they have a slight red and blue cast. Overall, the scan result is okay. 
Download Driver Samsung CLX-6260FW

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