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HP Deskjet 1513 Printer Driver Download

HP Deskjet 1513 Printer Drivers. After a few years without a printer at home, we finally had to get one. It should be small and compact and have a scanning function. Wi-Fi connection would not be bad and we came across the HP Deskjet 2540. What convinced us about this printer was the complete package at this low price. Since we do not have a large daily print volume, but use it only occasionally, the speed with max. 7 pages per minute for our needs in any case. So ordered the printer and held in your hands within 2 days.

He is really very compact and folds well and stowed on the shelf. The paper tray can easily handle around 40 pages with normal paper thickness. The copy and scan tray is suitable for sizes up to A4, and the output tray folds out to hold the printed pages securely.

The installation of the driver was also on our MacBook no problem and we could start with the installation. Unfortunately, problems arose here because the description was not very clear to me. After some trial and error and reading help on the HP side, but then it has worked and I have to say: Once set up and since then, the printer runs properly in the wireless. The connection via cable is easily recognized, but not really needed, because the connection via WLAN is absolutely sufficient.

HP Deskjet 1513 Driver Download

The print results are absolutely sufficient for our needs and the speed can not compete with the "high-performance printer" at work, but prints for the private purpose as I think fast enough. Scanning with the printer is also possible via WLAN without any problems. Once a page has been scanned, it can be conveniently stored on the computer with the supplied scan software - but there is also the option of scanning several pages in succession and merging them into a single document.

The only drawback is that the printer after starting sometimes finds our Wi-Fi only very slowly. Once found, but everything works wonderfully and even the printing from the tablet and the phone is in the same network no problem. The caching of the printer alone is not that big, so it's best to keep the document open until the end of printing to reliably print all pages. 

Two sentences to the cartridges: As cheap as the printer is, so expensive are unfortunately the printer cartridges - a black cartridge is about 11 € and a colored at about 18 €. The specified 190 pages, however, I have not reached with the black cartridge; After about 130-140 pages is usually over.

In summary, however, the printer is now running smoothly for several years at our home. Only the cost of the cartridges are quite high at higher print volumes. The connection via the WLAN is really practical and simplifies printing immensely. Also, print jobs from the phone or tablet are processed without problems. One point deduction because of the installation and the high running costs. All in all a good printer for a great price.

Download Driver HP Deskjet 1513