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Brother HL-2135W Printer Driver Download

Brother HL-2135W Printer Drivers. Gray, angular, inconspicuous - that's the best way to describe the design of the Brother HL-2135W. Optically boring, but the printer can shine with a proper workmanship. With dimensions of 37x18x36 centimeters (width x height x depth) and a weight of about 6.7 kilos, the Brother should easily find a place in any office. The processing of the paper cassette is also well above average. It can be easily and precisely adjusted to a wide variety of paper sizes and disappears completely in the printer's housing, so that the paper supply is safely protected from light and dust. The cassette holds a whopping 250 sheets, in the output tray fit 100 prints. A display does not have the HL-2135W.

Brother HL-2135W drivers installation. The Brother HL-2135W can be installed on the PC in two ways: via Wi-Fi and via a USB cable. Both took less than 5 minutes in our practical test. If you connect the HL-2135W wirelessly, you can connect it directly to a PC as a peer-to-peer printer or as a queue printer to a print server. We needed a USB cable as a temporary aid for the WLAN installation - a pity that this is not included with the printer! The handling of the (already pre-installed) toner cartridge is just as easy as installing drivers and software. It can be exchanged easily and has a capacity of up to 1000 pages (includes a start cassette with a capacity reduced to 700 prints).

You should not expect miracles from the Brother HL-2135W: the printer delivers monochrome printing in decent quality, but that's it. Text is sharply - even in the margins - and brought in deep black on the paper. Graphics copes well with the HL-2135W and can therefore distinguish itself positively from the Brother HL-2250DN, which could convince us less in terms of graphics printing. However, if there are photos in the documents to be printed, these are very grainy on the printouts of the HL-2135W and are repeatedly contaminated by streaks - this makes HP's LaserJet P1102w better.

Brother HL-2135W Driver Download

Of course, the toner-saving eco mode suffers a bit from the print quality, but text is still very legible and graphics are printed in good quality, making this print mode ideal for eco-conscious printing. In our field test, the Brother achieved a print speed of around 20 pages per minute - a good value, and also the warm-up time from switching on the device to the first print is very good at less than 10 seconds. Even faster, however, works almost identical HL-2250 DN Brother: he creates up to 26 pages per minute.

We encountered a problem with the Brother HL-2135W again and again, to which other users have pointed in Internet forums: the paper shows visible stripes on the left and right edge, which probably originated from the pinch roller. Even though these stripes are visible to the naked eye, in our opinion they only marginally disturb the appearance of the prints.

The Brother HL-2135W is a relatively minimalist equipped printer, which is not surprising at the low price. For example, it does not have a USB port for direct printing via a stick. However, it can be printed using the free iPrint App from Brother. In our test, this worked especially well for graphics and documents, only when printing on websites has the app a little hard. We find the single-sheet feeder of the Brother HL-2135W extremely convenient, which is located above the paper drawer and is relatively easy and easy to use. Here you can make prints on special papers without having to remove the paper supply from the standard feeder.
Brother HL-2135W Printer Driver Download