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HP LaserJet Pro CP1025NW Printer Driver Download

HP LaserJet CP1025NW Printer Drivers. HP speaks of the "smallest color laser printer in the world" for the HP Laserjet Pro CP1025nw. That's a little over the top. The fact is that the printer makes itself narrow on the desk. The HP Laserjet Pro CP1025nw achieves this with a multi-pass print engine that works silently despite the audible twists of color transmission in the test. In addition, the color laser printer switched to barely audible 0.1 seconds shortly after the actual printing process a value that can be easily withstood next to the HP model. The HP Laserjet Pro CP1025nw can be controlled locally via USB, in the LAN via Ethernet and wirelessly via 11n WLAN, a lush interface equipment. In addition, the color laser printer HP's ePrint dominated the driverless printing by e-mail from a smartphone or tablet PC. However, only the latest firmware version had to be installed for it. Noteworthy is also the driver equipment of the HP Laserjet Pro CP1025nw: Except the common WindowsVersions, the HP Laserjet Pro CP1025nw also supports many Linux operating systems - not a given. However, one must compromise in terms of paper supply: For the HP Laserjet Pro CP1025nw brings only one open slot, fit in the maximum 150 sheets. The paper tray is also tight with up to 50 sheets.

HP LaserJet CP1025NW Driver Download

Here, the HP Laserjet Pro CP1025nw left a mixed picture in the test: the power consumption of the color laser printer remained in the frame. In the idle mode, the color laser with 2.0 watts even reached a low value. However, the circuit breaker did not completely disconnect the HP Laserjet Pro CP1025nw from the power supply. In the laboratory, the printer pulled 0.4 watts here - unnecessary. At the same time, HP is gambling away on page prices: both 5.2 cents for the black-and-white and 19 cents for the colored sheet are high follow-up costs. The HP Laserjet Pro CP1025nw is one of the leisurely variety of color laser printers. This can be seen in devices with turret printing in particular in color: So surprise the 3:29 minutes for 12 PDF pages from Acrobat also not. The lyrics from the HP Laserjet Pro CP1025nw had good black coverage but could have been rounder on the edges of the letters. For this, the printer provided harmonious and especially color-true colors, which turned out to be altogether too dark. If you need to put the color laser printer next to you on the desk, because there is no alternative, then the HP Laserjet Pro CP1025nw is a good choice for a quiet, compact device. However, the HP model is not advisable when printing a lot. Apart from the low speed, the black and white and color pages from the HP Laserjet Pro CP1025nw are simply too expensive.

Download Driver Printer HP LaserJet Pro CP1025nw