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Canon Pixma MP237 Printer Driver Download

Canon Pixma MP237 Printer Drivers. The Canon PIXMA MP237 is a small printer for MFP standards and it is incredibly light. On the back has a single flip-up paper input tray, which when not in use, folds the scanner lid forward to prevent dust from entering the printer. The scanner lid is thin and somewhat flexible, but its hinges are strong enough, and are designed to allow five millimeters or more in length. The scanner itself tilts to access and fit the ink cartridges, while on the right side of the top panel there is a set of simple controls and LED indicators to cover the essential functions. The only obvious omission is that there is no output tray, meaning the printed pages will fall on the table. In use this is a rather noisy MFP when printing photos at its highest quality setting.

Canon Pixma MP237 Driver Download

The MP237 printer uses the usual Canon drivers for printing and scanning, which means that it is easy to produce jobs with typical settings, since the advanced options are not too difficult to find. For such a cheap printer, the results were impressive. The focus is crisp and the colors are accurate in scans, although the maximum 600 × 1, 200dpi optical resolution allows nothing too creative or detailed. There is Advanced Mode for those who want it, but Canon's basic scanning interface is clear and simple. This is not a great MFP for photo printing or scans, but it's perfect if you need a cheap and good handyman as long as you do not need Wi-Fi.

Download Canon Pixma MP237 Printer Driver