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Download Samsung ProXpress M4075FR Driver Printer

Samsung ProXpress M4075FR Printer Driver. The Samsung ProXpress M4075FR printer is apparently new, came with cable (cold devices) suitable for Germany. The scope of supply also includes a USB cable, but not a LAN cable. However, we are more interested in wireless operation. Surprise when unpacking. I missed the usual pack for the printer cartridges or cartridge for the toner. This was placed in the designated compartment for shipping in the printer. However, the transport lock must be removed before commissioning. This, as well as the rest of the unpacking process, is well documented in attached brochures. First, the Samsung ProXpress M4075FR setup is done via the control panel. It was easy to read in the cellar with me. When I later set up with my friend, in brighter surroundings, the small font was difficult to recognize. At the time, however, I only had to change the WLAN setting to the new WLAN just go to the WPS button of the router. The integration into the WLAN checked with the iPAD. This is where the app, which I already use for my Officejet, helps. The new printer is detected, printer settings can be checked. I was disappointed, however, that the pressure on the normal print menu of the apps is not supported.

Samsung ProXpress M4075FR Driver Download

The Samsung ProXpress M4075FR printer is not recognized because it is a wireless printer but not an Airprint printer. The documentation on the Samsung page refers to an add-on app available from the Apple Appstore. However, Apple does not support this software since the end of 2017, the app can not be found there anymore. Printing from iPAD and iPhone is therefore only possible via detours. On the one hand, Samsung apps allows printing of certain files from the Dropbox and Google Drive (in a suitable file format, eg PDF), as well as the printing of photos from the photo library (Apple) and from Facebook. Some programs also allow you to send print jobs (in a suitable format) to Samsung software. The Samsung ProXpress M4075FR driver installation under Mac OS went without problems. Printer is detected in the WLAN. Because the printer is no longer supported by Apple, the associated software must be downloaded from an Samsung service site. For the Samsung ProXpress M4075FR driver installation under Windows 10 and Windows 7 I could use the enclosed CD, which already contained the current software printer drivers and support programs. On Android, wireless printing should work easier, but I have not tested. 

Download Samsung ProXpress M4075FR Driver Printer

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