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Download HP Laserjet M130NW Driver Printer

HP Laserjet M130NW Printer Driver. The HP Laserjet M130NW printer already comes with a cartridge inserted, so that no need to buy after the start. In addition, the device still contains power plug. Once for the German and one foreign market. In addition still a relatively short connecting cable for the printer and computer, as well as an installation CD with the respective drivers. The HP Laserjet M130NW driver installation is very easy. I chose the online variant where HP searches directly for the drivers. Since the M130 has some representatives, it is important to pay attention to the final identifier "NW". Then you get the right software for download. I tested the installation on both Windows 10 and MacOS High Sierra. Both programs had no problems during processing. The HP Laserjet M130NW can be operated by wireless as well as by cable, whereby I preferred the latter, because the whole cable clutter is getting too much for me and we have children who like to play with it.

HP Laserjet M130NW Driver Download

The HP Laserjet M130NW printer gives very good results in printing and copying. But the scan function is very clean and you can save the scanned pages in different formats with the latter. Very nice move. Add to that, if you already have experience with inkjet printers, the software does not really differ in how it works, so you feel right at home. What I noticed a bit negatively, is the interior of the printer. When you fold it up, you see an internal construction that only stands on thin stilts, which you prefer to fold up as little as possible so as not to break anything. Now I do not regret the change to a laser printer. These were still quite expensive in the past, you get today cheap executions like here, which also do a good job. In addition, the cartridges last much longer and bring more in terms of cost-benefit. If you print a page once a month, you might want to consider buying it. The other should be said that you get a good device here, which covers pretty much all the properties that are needed in everyday office life.

Download HP Laserjet M130NW Driver Printer

Download here:
Mac OS Driver: