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Download NeatDesk Driver Scanner

NeatDesk Scanner Driver. NeatDesk works flawlessly, he is also handy, hardly takes up space in the office. Easy handling and fast scanned documents. For me, that's enough. I use the device for several months and I am very happy with it. Is not very fast, but scan quality and operation are very good! I use the scanner for archiving documents. I've used the Canon P-150 so far. However, this had the disadvantage that scanning was only possible with a PC. The new NeatDesk needs only one power connection! Of course, NeatDesk must also be within reach of your own. Flap on sheet, receipt or similar in, select original type, press Scan, close flap. That's it! I'm excited. Above all, even ladies are doing that now and I have more time to sort. Unfortunately, not everything is perfect, the feeder has a problem feeding the leaves straight. But if you press the leaves lightly with your fingers, every scan will work fine.

NeatDesk Driver Download

Yes, and I almost forgot: a very good price and performance ratio. Other scanners with network connection can easily cost several times as much! It does exactly what it should, namely to scan documents. After installing the Brother software you can start the scan menu via the system tray and choose if you want to save the result as picture, email, file etc. He packs up to 8 sheets in my experience, with more leaves he pulls in 2 times at the same time. But no problem, there is an "endless scan" setting that scans until you have enough. You insert several documents, these are fed in one by one and scanned on one side or on both sides by automatic recognition. Alternatively, you can save the whole thing on an inserted USB memory stick as JPEG image or PDF document. So you do not need a computer, but can scan pages very fast on the go, without having a computer with you.

Download NeatDesk Driver Scanner

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