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Download HP Officejet 2624 Driver Printer

HP Officejet 2624 Printer Driver. In black and white, the HP Officejet 2624 prints very sharp and strongly opaque. The thick job of course costs a lot of ink, which is why I rate design quality to the quality level. The edge of the A4 print is approx. 1.5 cm. That's a lot. Buyers complain about noise when printing. Colors brings the OfficeJet bright and harmonious on paper. It is not a real photo printer, but for the occasional snapshot pressure he is good. This HP Officejet 2624 copy and scan function works reliably, but the quality does not provide enthusiasm. Even when copying it works quite leisurely. Almost 4 euros cost 100 pages in black and white with the original cartridges. A very weak value. Thus, the device is only profitable for Wenigdrucker. In terms of page cost, the "office" in the product name is almost misleading. The negative impression continues with color printing. As much as 18 euros costs arise for 100 pages of standardized color printing. This way, ink costs quickly exceed the cost of purchasing the printer. You can also automatically print on both sides with the OfficeJet 2624 printer.

HP Officejet 2624 Driver Download

For scanning, a practical automatic document feeder is available as an alternative to the flatbed. With the interfaces, the age of the device is noticeable: Integration into the network via WLAN is not possible. After all, it has a LAN connection. If you want to connect the printer via USB to the computer, you need to get a USB cable, because none is included. Only 60 sheets of A4 paper can fit in the paper tray. This is already very weak for a printer who has the word "office" in his name, because offices should expect high volumes of paper and paper. The layout of the OfficeJet 2624 printer is kept simple and thanks to the instructions, which are especially populated with pictograms, no problem even for the layman. The small display definitely helps with the operation, but is clearly inferior to a touch screen, which is common in modern printers. The software and the menu structure are not very intuitive and require a bit of familiarization.

Download HP Officejet 2624 Driver Printer

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