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Download HP Envy 5543 Driver Printer

HP Envy 5543 Printer Driver. My expectations according to the description were completely fulfilled! This is my first wifi printer and that alone makes me enthusiastic! The HP Envy 5543 printer arrived on time. The device was connected without problems. Afterwards I started the notebook. As a Linuxian you usually do not need anything else, as HP's drivers are included in most distrubutions. Here, however, an update was necessary. A short time later, all functions could be used properly. The smartphone with the matching HP app was also without problems in operation. Sending print jobs via email was not a problem either. However, Google Drive settings are hidden. What also convinces me is the possibility to get the ink cartridges delivered in time with a Art Flat. There is nothing more to expect. I use this HP Envy 5543 printer / scanner / copier combination privately for short runs and print mostly in black and white with individual pictures. It prints fast and the print quality is good. So far, I've never had a paper jam. Due to the Wi-Fi function, the device is very fast and easy to control with the various devices within the Wi-Fi network (2 laptops, 2 smartphones). I especially like that you can send scans directly from the printer to your smartphone or laptop.

HP Envy 5543 Driver Download

Cool feature: The paper delivery opens automatically when the print command is issued. So man does not have to be at the printer / in the room while printing and has no annoying cable clutter. Once set up, the printer receives an individual mail address, with the help of which you can also give a print command to the printer while you are on the move. Of course, all this assumes that the device is on or at least standby. There is a minus point for the relatively high ink consumption and the poor scanner quality (pixelated, image not centered and with discolored edges). It may also be because of the standard software provided by HP (which is definitely too simple and simple and contains few settings) and maybe there are alternatives. It is also annoying that the sheet for scanning / copying on the glass often slips under the cover. As a result, the picture is sometimes crooked and corners of the paper are stuck in the printer. (Outrageously high cartridge prices are known to have all manufacturers and this has nothing directly to do with the printer, so this should not be a negative criterion). Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the modern all-rounder and find the price appropriate.

Download HP Envy 5543 Driver Printer

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