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Download HP Envy 5542 Driver Printer

HP Envy 5542 Printer Driver. This comparatively inexpensive device offers everything I need in my "home office" (except PC etc.). When I had a problem at some point, I found a helpful hotline that was absolutely competent. A new ink cartridge (black) I sent free of charge, so the problem could then be solved. I have this HP Envy 5542 multifunction printer for 3 weeks and so far I can not complain. Usually fast delivery, within 2 days he was there. Why I give only 4 stars: The USB cable, with which you can connect eg a laptop, etc. with the printer was not available to me. Find it a pity, especially for people who are difficult to do with the WIFI connection and print speed could be faster. Everything else I've seen so far as positive, let's see how long it stays that way. I have bought the printer instead of 130 for 75 and for this price you can not complain! on the whole, I am satisfied and who has no very high standards, can strike with a clear conscience. Absolute top device. Scan and print in great quality. Is not my first printer from HP, d as usual, in the usual quality. HP Envy 5542 is easy setup, inconspicuous pleasant design, works great with the app, does what it should. I am satisfied with my decision to buy this device.

HP Envy 5542 Driver Download

Overall the HP Envy 5542 is a super printer, very good printed pages. It is also possible from the iPat to print documents or photos. Am very happy with this purchase. I bought this HP Envy 5542 printer for my mother so she can finally print cable-free and she's blown away. The HP Envy 5542 driver installation is very easy and can be done by any layman. Follow the steps on the display and you're done. Then connect to the WLAN and go with the print! The device switches itself to standby and even pulls the paper holder back by itself. In addition, it accepts the orders very quickly and prints in a super quality. It should be noted that it only needs 2 cartridges, the 3 colors (Magenta, Cyan & Yellow) are only in one cartridge and are really cheap to buy. A great printer. What a pity, it has no collection. The paper always falls to the ground. One could think again about that. Otherwise we are satisfied with it. The setting up of the printer, the installation and the fast print result inspired me. Also the registration was easy. When completing the program, a gift was promised to install the printer cartridges. Too bad! That suddenly the website was not available and several times.

Download HP Envy 5542 Driver Printer

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