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Download Lexmark S302 Driver Printer

Lexmark S302 Printer Driver. The Lexmark Impact S305 printer is fast, but unfortunately a bit expensive in maintenance. In a test of the magazine "Computerbild" it was once again shown that the purchase of a multifunction printer should be considered carefully. Thus, the Lexmark Impact S305 convinced with a rather high pressure, which left the competitors behind. But even after a year, according to the calculation of the magazine, even with a normal user, printing costs in the amount of the device price and even with the Impact S302, even if the cheaper XL cartridges are used. In naked figures, the page prices for the Impact S302 (according to the test report) with normal cartridges amount to 4 cents for an A4 page b / w, 42 cents for a color page and 62 cents for a 10 x 15 photo too much like " Computer picture ". Only printers ** benefit from the fact that the print costs are nearly halved for XL cartridges, otherwise, the ink may dry up in the event of irregular use or many self-cleaning passages of the device, which will cost precious ink.

Lexmark S302 Driver Download

The most astounding result is the "computer picture", however, when the fictitious costs of the Impact S302 are set off over the period of one year. Approximately 87 euros for XL cartridges (normal users *) are roughly equal to the purchase price (97 euros). Users who use standard cartridges are even more cost-effective if they buy a new printer instead of cartridges: 130 euros are charged on side prices according to the "computer picture". Conclusion of the magazine: Even with a low print volume, the site prices exceed the device price is a fatal, but not changeable fact, which the Impact S305 shares with all cheap MuFus. At the very least, however, the "cost of printing costs" can be a snap, because the more expensive multifunctional printers, the more prices are printed and XL cartridges are worth the price.

Download Lexmark S302 Driver Printer

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