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Download Lexmark S308 Driver Printer

Lexmark Impact S308 Printer Driver. After unpacking the Lexmark Impact S308 printer, the label for the foldable control panel must be attached. This is a bit cumbersome, but worked just in the test. The multifunction device comes with a few buttons, which is also the font display, which helps to navigate through the operating menu. The Lexmark Impact S308 USB provides connectivity to the PC. On the front of the multifunction device you will find a Pictbridge connector and a slot for memory cards. This covers the usual card formats, but leaves CompactFlash (CF) outside. Wirelessly, the Lexmark Impact S308 can be controlled via WLAN. A USB cable was necessary for the setup. It was part of the multifunction device and that is not self-evident. Basically, the ink coverage of the Lexmark Impact S305 was strong. Nevertheless, the letters of the prints and copies remained legible. On normal paper the combi printer produced quite bright colors, on photopapiers they were darker. When scanning, the Lexmark Impact S308 red and blue tones slightly overshadowed. The depth of focus was fine. This also benefited the copies, which were detailed and virtually undeveloped.

Lexmark Impact S308 Driver Download

In text print, the Lexmark Impact S308 reached medium time values. For the price class, approximately 43 seconds for 10 pages of Grauert-Brief are a decent result. Also a photo in the format of 10 x 15 centimeters in 44 seconds can be seen. However, the color scan took 25 seconds. The Lexmark Impact needed only 7 seconds for the scan preview. In the multifunction device there is a print head for four separate ink tanks. This is basically good, because here one exchanges only the cartridge, which is really blank printed. Despite this, the Lexmark Impact S308 comes at a high price with 5.3 cents for the black-and-white blade and 9.2 cents for the color page. In contrast, the electricity consumption of the impact is moderate. Switched off the Lexmark model completely separated from the power supply.
Download Lexmark S308 Driver Printer

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