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Download Facebook For Windows 8.1

Facebook For Windows 8.1 DownloadFacebook has updated its official application for Windows 8 and is now compatible with Windows 8.1. It is an alternative to the traditional use of this social network from a web browser, but with a very similar and adapted to the characteristic style of Metro design.

Facebook windows 8.1. The interface no major changes from the Web version, showing the central part shared by friends, right contact list content (highlighting those that are online and available to chat), while the left display various menus are located. In the top right icons for Contacts (friend requests, search of friends, etc.), Messages and Notifications are maintained. The main novelty of using Facebook in computers, notebooks, netbooks or tablets with Windows 8.1 is the use of touch screens on computers that have, for better navigability (as if it were editing for mobile phones but with a larger) screen, with its most prominent and visible elements better.

Download Facebook For Windows 8.1

Another advantage of using this program has to do with the ability to chat with friends or see notifications while browsing or while in another application. Snap View function allows you to split the screen into two parts and have always visible on Facebook and see live updates and notifications received when a friend mark a "Like" or leave a comment in a publication or on a photo.

There are several common features present in this desktop application, either to write new publications to upload photos, access the news feed, create photo albums, change your profile picture or cover, label and so on. This latest version ( to disable the chat, also open the photo in an optimal resolution when pressed twice about it, and some more details that enhance the stability of the application. It is expected that in a future edition is available in Spanish, as yet only found in English.