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Download Google Drive, A Program to Manage Google Drive

Google Drive Download, A Program to Manage Google Drive. Google Drive is a program that lets you manage and administer storage space in the cloud offered by Google to store files and access them from any computer or mobile device; shaped back up and synchronize work when used one or more devices, either individually or by a workgroup. For those users who use Google services such as Gmail or Google+, Drive can be a good complement to store photos, videos, documents and any other type of file, safely and easily accessible, as if it were a VHD extra, but so that you can share with others. Received in Gmail Attachments can be saved directly in Drive.

One advantage of this service is that it opens almost any stored file directly from the browser, whether documents (PDF, Word, etc.), spreadsheets, presentations and multimedia files; OCR also has support for text recognition in images or PDFs obtained after scanning a book or document. You can access a preview of files before opening them. It also can search within documents that are taken into the Google Drive folder.

Google Drive Software

Another advantage has to do with the availability of previous versions of documents and can access a repository of stored up to 30 days prior to the date files. It is also possible to access files without being connected to the internet (offline mode).

Another interesting feature allows you to chat with other users while viewing a document or presentation, which can be very useful during a class or a group project. Google Drive 1.20.8672.3137 is the latest version of this software available for Windows and Mac can be downloaded free of charge, a free initial space of up to 15GB. When using this service from mobile phones is necessary to download the application for your platform, either from Google Play or from the Apple store.