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Xpress C480W Printer Driver Download

Download Canon Maxify MB5340 Driver Printer

Xpress C480W Printer Driver Download. In search of a cheap combination device, I decided for this colleague, also because of the mostly good reviews. The isolated detailed negative reviews I have considered, but since I myself work for a manufacturer of electrical appliances, I know that sometimes there are mounting devices, the error of which you can not always understand in the second or third step.

The device arrived quickly and sufficiently packed, the installation was with the exception of the integration into the WLAN easy to implement. First test prints of networked PC and mobile devices were straightforward and of very good quality. If you want, you can use the software suite from Samsung, but you do not have to.

After a good two weeks, the printer became scarce in the network, print jobs were no longer running and scan and copy jobs were acknowledged with an error message in the display. Googling for the error code made me feel like I was the only customer in the world ever hit. So turned to the support at HP (!) And found that the warranty period has already started two months before purchase, which has me already startled. I have not attached much to that; What runs for 22 months, also runs 24 months, unless one has much bad luck.

Samsung Xpress C480W Drivers Download

Anyway, the support was friendly, competent and noted by means of remote maintenance software that probably the supplied and used for the connection cable was broken. That's what it was.
The annoyance over the cable gave way to the astonishment of the support level, which I experienced so only in the business area, and about the fact that a network cable prevents stationary to copy on the device. A serious round of applause to the support, an ironic to the engineer's light bulb, which has come up with that.

Well, scarcely 4 months after the purchase he no longer copies. The carriage moves over the template, and when the end point is reached, the device restarts and initializes. Although print jobs from the PC and scans are performed, they are always acknowledged on the PC with a "printer is offline" message. And again, the self-help fails, I haunt lonely through the forums and find no kindred soul ...

Probably the support will be back with a quick fix on hand, but even if my personal mechanic came up within 5 minutes, I do not have the slightest inclination to complain about the device almost quarterly. The best support does not help to ensure that the device has not even passed the statutory warranty period, let alone the manufacturer's warranty. He did not even manage to reverse the burden of proof. I have no doubt that the second complaint will be the last - apparently I have also received a Monday device.

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