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Magicard Pronto Printer Driver Download

Magicard Pronto Printer Drivers. We bought the card printer to create sports club membership badges and special event / party tickets. The Magicard Pronto is really ideal for that. 

Magicard Pronto Drivers Installation / Setup: 
The installation and setup worked fast and without any problems and even when inserting the ribbon and the cards you can not go wrong. 

Design of the cards: 
I then labeled the cards with the specified online software. 
This works similar in nature to Powerpoint -> easy insertion of text fields + images, you can save templates etc. 
You can even upload names from an Excel list.

Magicard Pronto Driver Download

Only downside (if applicable): The software only works online. On a computer without an internet connection (we had a tournament), but you can manage differently: I have just created a corresponding template in PowerPoint (you just have to adjust the page dimensions to the map dimensions under "page setup"), works great ,

Print quality:
The colored cards look really great. Great colors, borderless printing, cards are immediately after printing "smudge-proof".

Certainly not a very cheap device, but qualitatively absolutely convincing and very practical for our purposes. So absolutely "cheap" and a clear recommendation!

The Magicard Pronto is absolutely suitable for the creation of smaller amounts of cards. It has a good printing speed and quality. The printer driver is very easy to install and set, even for non-professionals. The Magicard Pronto software for creating the maps is understandable and easy to use. The possibility to include pictures is helpful and allows a professional design of the cards in just a few steps. The handling of the printer and its accessories is self-explanatory.

Magicard Pronto Printer Driver Download