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DNP DS-RX1HS Printer Driver Download

DNP DS-RX1HS Printer Drivers. The DNP RX1HS works perfectly with my Photo Booth software, easy to setup and replace photo cartridge and paper. I love this DNP DS-RX1HS printer except for a few things. It's definitely an upgrade from my slower ones that take anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 seconds to print a single 4x6 printer. This does it in 15 seconds. And because it's able to load a 700-sheet roll, you don't need to change media as often as smaller printers.

  1. DNP DS-RX1HS is a bit slower compared to the new DS620A which prints a 4x6 photo in less than 9 seconds
  2. DNP DS-RX1HS is much larger and much heavier compared to the new DS620A. You'll definitely need a carrying case with thick pads and handles to help you haul it around.
  3. The PRINT QUALITY is acceptable for many but not to me. Colors come out a little yellow or red, and even with the high quality 600dpi option, it does not look lifelike especially since I'm printing portrait shots. My smaller, slower, cheaper EPSON PictureMate 225 has far superior print quality.
  4. DNP DS-RX1HS s's a little difficult loading toner and media, that it actually makes me sweat while doing it while people are hovering in front of me waiting for their prints. You'll need 2 people to do it unless you really practice.
  5. DNP DS-RX1HS jams sometimes when the media spools are jammed to tightly in the holes. But the DS620A jams more often than the RX1.
  6. There is no way for you to view how many sheets are remaining. The DS620A has the option of checking how much media you have left.

DNP DS-RX1HS Driver Download

But this DNP DS-RX1HS is a good buy if it's your first relatively faster printing dye sub and your clients aren't too big on the tiniest detail in print quality. The drivers and software runs on Windows and Mac OS with large paper roll capacity, great out-put quality, front loading and Out-Puts through front. Japanese engineering/But Made in China, made of heat resistant polymer plastic. Superb support from the manufacture with warranty 40k prints or one year bumper to bumper, 30 day DOA policy and Hot Swap Replacement Program practically overnight.

No 2x6 cut for Mac Users
Your only limited to 4x6 or 6x8 media size
Prints speed is 15 seconds on a 4x6 and 21 seconds on a 6x8
Loading media is little difficult if you are comparing with the Sony UPC-X1

DNP DS-RX1HS Printer Driver Download