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Canon Pixma MG5120 Printer Driver Download

Canon Pixma MG5120 Printer Drivers. For more than six years in regular use. As an ink, I always used the cartridges of the inexpensive third party "Logic Seek", which can also be found here on Amazon. All in all, I am very satisfied with the MG5120 and wonder in a positive sense how long he has been holding. I have been feeding my printer with foreign cartridges for six years, that was no problem so far. After recently I used an old-black bought black cartridge, came with me the error message B200. I researched in various Internet forums on the subject afterwards. My first act was to remove the color cartridge, and with a Zewa the leaked ink (it will also have the error message have been located) to remove, but this was not successful. I have then taken the printer head. This cleaned under running water, only briefly with a dry cloth and used again. Then I came for the first time in the menu where you can perform a printer cleaning (previously always the error message). Even after that came about three times the message, but I have always bridged with, inter alia, tip, and since then, the printer is back top. 

Canon Pixma MG5120 Driver Download

The problem beforehand is that the error message B200 appears shortly after you start the printer, you have to close the hatch while the cartridges are moving back and forth and then close them again at the right moment so that you can clear the menu in the printer window kann.Das synonymous with me only with a lot of trying out, but it works. Since then, the printer is running again, who can not handle my troubleshooting, there are detailed descriptions on the Internet. There are good devices. The printer has been with me for over 6 years now. It is not used often, but the colors do not dry out. I'm completely satisfied, even with the special features (scanning, copying, photo printing, label printing, etc.). There are also some manufacturers for the colors for this model - it does not have to be the expensive brand product.

Canon Pixma MG5120 Driver Download

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