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Brother MFC-J680DW Printer Driver Download

Brother MFC-J680DW Printer Drivers. And much more is offered by the "Brother MFC-J680DW Multifunction Printer Inkjet". Because the device can not only print, it is also a fax machine, a copier and a scanner. The printer was delivered from one day to the next, very well and unbreakable. Four pressure starter cartridges are included. Also included is a manual in German and a router connection cable. If you want to install your new printer directly, you should always have a USB cable at hand. The USB port of the printer is inside the case (see photo). Personally, I do not find it particularly convenient to create the USB interface here, because now you have to run the cable, which is not that long anyway, through the inside of the printer. After I was ready, my fear was confirmed: the USB cable was too short, it was not enough to a USB interface of my PC. Thankfully, my husband always carefully stores PC cables and plugs that are no longer needed directly. He therefore had the corresponding USB extension cable at hand.

The installation of this "Brother MFC-J680DW Multifunction Printer Inkjet" was then quite easy. Insert the supplied CD and follow the guidelines on the monitor. Today, in the age of e-mails, faxing is not so up-to-date anymore. However, if you want to use your "Brother MFC-J480DW" as a fax machine, you must connect your router (the appropriate cable is included) with the LINE input interface located on the left side of the device. If a fax is finished, you should (if you do not have multiple telephone connections), delete the still active fax. Simply follow the instructions in the very well-lit and clear display of the printer.

Brother MFC-J680DW Driver Download

I'm thrilled with the excellent print quality of the inkjet printer. The paper can be easily adjusted on both sides in the inner compartment, the sheets are fed in straight and individually. The printing itself is super-fast, the colors are bright, lines and characters are printed clearly and nothing smears. If you pull out the paper holder (before printing), it prevents the printed pages from landing on the floor. 

On the black, matt shimmering case you do not see every fingerprint. And I personally think the clear, compact design of the "Brother MFC-J680DW Multifunction Printer Inkjet" fits in well with all our PC equipment.

The printer cartridges are available in different price ranges. The original cartridges from the manufacturer cost more than "no-name" printer cartridges, but you are, in my opinion, with their purchase on the safe side. I think everyone has to decide for themselves which printer cartridges are right for their needs. 

The "Brother MFC-J680DW Multifunction Printer Inkjet" is an excellent multi-function printer that delivers high quality printouts, I like to recommend it and, in my opinion, the value for money.

Brother MFC-J680DW Driver Download

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