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Canon Pixma MG5751 Printer Driver Download

Canon Pixma MG5751 Printer Drivers. Unfortunately my old Canon Pixma has given up after many years. Since I liked the printer a lot, I thought I would not go wrong with the purchase. Wrong thinking ... While the old Pixma still had a Paper casette, which disappeared completely in the printer and you could just leave the paper in it, looks at this printer, the paper always out and not to let the printer do not have to let the printer do it every time Remove paper from the coffer and reload before printing. Annoying. The biggest problem is that the old Pixma was still reasonably quiet, but the FUTURE product makes a hell of a noise. One no longer understands one's own word when the printer prepares for printing. However, the greatest cynicism lies in the "whispering mode" which makes no perceptible difference. The two stars were only there because of the usual good printouts for documents and photos for private use. Nevertheless, this will be my last Pixma. 

Canon Pixma MG5751 Driver Download

After only one and a half years, the first technical problems appear and the printer does not feed 10x15 photo paper anymore. What brings me a photo printer that does not feed photo paper?!? Never again CANON !!! This is by far the slowest printer I've ever encountered. After switching on, he drives the sleigh for several minutes before he is ready to do something else. 5 print jobs on 1 page take 10 minutes. Between the individual orders each time the tiresome back and forth of the sled, idle, before back. Then finally the eagerly awaited leaf ... Then the same game from the beginning. The part drives me crazy. The prints are okay and the cheaper no-name cartridges work fine with me. Therefore 2 points. We have the printer for a year and are really disappointed. Constantly the gripe, it would be no paper in the tray, although there are quite a few leaves. So you have to push the paper, so to speak. Often comes then the message, it is traffic jam. 2 weeks ago he printed only yellowish. Not anymore. We hate the device now all !!!! Unfortunately Amazon does not offer a return, but a repair. I renounce !!! So I can buy a new printer now. 
Download Driver Canon Pixma MG5751