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Brother HL-4570CDW Printer Driver Download

Brother HL-4570CDW Printer Drivers. After several inkjet printers I finally wanted a laser / LED printer. First, because as a comparatively few printers, some ink cartridges had already dried up and, secondly, the printed image is much better. Luckily, the ink pisser was just giving up his mind. So the question was which printer comes into the house. Color printing was definitely mandatory. Since several PC laptops are distributed in the house, Wi-Fi was absolutely necessary. On duplex I have omitted for cost reasons. But it is worth considering. 

The Brother HL-4570CDW has met all my requirements, so bought for 129 € and after nearly 1000 printed pages have not regretted. Rather, I can say: The best hardware purchase I have made so far (have been some)! So then: unpack the device and connected via USB to my office computer. Software installed. Runs great so far. Then the first expression. CLASS. 

Then connect the printer to the home network to print from all other laptops and PC. Is a bit fumbling, as it was only on the one-line display on the device. Is only to do once, so no problem. But you can also connect automatically, but my router can not.

The device is very large (somewhere the four color cartridges have to go) and you should pay attention BEFORE buying to get no space problems. I built a box (with a drawer for paper) with a few MDF boards next to my desk. Which is also very pleasant, the sheets are in a correct tape in the printer. So the paper and the inside can not dust. 

Brother HL-4570CDW Driver Download

Who expects a high-quality photo printer for this price, should not buy it, because he is only partially suitable. I prefer to have photos taken in the lab. But who has no high demands on his prints can of course be happy with this Brother HL-4570CDW printer. Text, clipart, graphics are just awesome. The prints come out of the machine very fast (the back and forth of the printhead is a thing of the past). The running of the fan is a bit loud, but does not bother me personally. The toner is fixed on the paper with heat and it just has to get out of the case. 

For me and my family (two school children) the printer is perfect. I recommend Brother HL-4570CDW !!! All mentioned disadvantages are laser printers in my opinion specific. So if you do not accept these, then better stay with the ink printer. 

Still something to the follow-up costs. If you want to use original toner has to consider the high price, but ink cartridges you get not even given. Personally, I have replaced the color black with a Rebuilt Fa Fa. LogicSeek and am fully satisfied. So you can save many euros. 

I hope my words can help with information about the product. If gross errors are found in my statements, just comment. Greetings from the Schöffer Gernsheim. (Peter Schöffer was born in Gernsheim and was a PRINTER, working together with Johann Gutenberg). So, I do not have time anymore, I have to print :-)

Brother HL-4570CDW Driver Download

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