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Xerox Phaser 6000 Printer Driver Download

Xerox Phaser 6000 Printer Drivers. For several days of use it gave regular paper jams - roughly every different print. A sheet of paper was left in the back of the desktop, as if it had picked up a second sheet and fed it via right away after the primary. A little bit fiddly to get rid of, now not problematic once I had realized to be careful to not tear it. I tried three weights of paper, all good best and , fanned earlier than insertion. It will still be early days, but the jam obstacle appears to have resolved itself, so I shall no longer have to hassle Amazon (who i'm sure would respond effectually as common). I also can't claim to have exhausted the options for trying to contact Xerox, however the preliminary affect isn't just right. And you can also find buying new cartridges a little confusing! This printer is sold as P6000V_B. Its software calls it P6000B.

Xerox Phaser 6000 Driver Download

Cartridges on the market look handiest to be for P6000. I've struggled to seek out any of those on Xerox website, and am forming the influence that they are quality at making printers, rubish at important documentation! I just hope that all these numbers seek advice from the same device. I'm now rather sure that the cartriges that include the printer are "starter" ones, with now not a lot toner in them. When you consider that it could be more cost effective to buy a new printer than a collection of full fee Xerox cartridges, perhaps this is no shock! (Compatibles are more cost-effective - ~half the printer's rate for a full set. Propose you factor toner fees into your purchasing choice.

Download Driver Printer Xerox Phaser 6000