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Samsung CLX-3305FW Printer Driver Download

Samsung CLX-3305FW Printer Drivers. Samsung CLX3305FW clean print, good photos. Samsung CLX-3305FWThe CLX-3305FW is a mid-range color laser MFP. Highlights of the originating from the printer printer are without question the excellent print, even photos succeed the device in a rather unusual for laser quality. Downsides are the lack of duplexer and the printing costs. For large monthly print volumes, the device should only be purchased in the case of rampant wastefulness. Anyone who also hopes for a particularly fast printing unit, at least in color mode, must greatly reduce his expectations. The Samsung achieved namely, although demonstrably in B / W mode, the manufacturer's promised 18 pages per minute. However, as soon as color comes into play, the output is only about a quarter of it. In this situation, you can find comfort in the printouts themselves. Thanks to new, improved image processing algorithms, the print image is razor-sharp, with text and graphics alike. The special toner - it is a polymer toner - it has a relatively high wax content, the colors on photo prints therefore look fuller, stronger. Only at second glance should be easy to detect grid raster traces. In other words: The photo prints of Samsung can be quite profitably installed in brochures or presentations. However, photo-affluent customers who expect lab-quality prints, or even better, are better off with an inkjet printer, such as a mid-business-class multifunction printer with more than four inks.

Samsung CLX-3305FW Driver Download

Certain restrictions have to be accepted on the Samsung. These include the duplexer for two-sided printing mentioned above, which should strictly be indispensable for the use of a MuFus in the office, as well as paper management. The cassette holds only 150 sheets (output tray: 50 pages). On the other hand, the manufacturer recommends the printer itself to customers with an average print volume of 150 sheets per month, which means that for long-term print jobs, the Samsung is not intended in the long run. On the other hand, he may occasionally be burdened more heavily, of course, of course. The very compact printer - as a footprint it only needs about 40 x 36 centimeters, which makes it one of the smallest models of its kind - produces maintenance costs in the reasonable medium range. Anyone who uses the device in the frame provided by the manufacturer is therefore quite economical, but high print runs could tend to ruin it. The outstanding print image compensates for this all the more, especially since the Samsung also understands photos, which can hardly claim a model of its performance class of itself. So if you need less a fast workhorse for large print jobs, but more a multifunctional, compact, fine laser printer for B / W and color, comes at the expense of Samsung. Currently he is available for a moderate 300 to 330 EURO.

Download Driver SAMSUNG CLX-3305FW