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Download Fujitsu fi-6750S Driver Scanner

Fujitsu fi-6750S Scanner Driver. When the fi-scanner is idle and is not being used by a business application that pulls documents through the ScandAll PRO and integrated TWAIN or ISIS interfaces in pull mode, users can also perform personal scans, such as creating PDF or Word Files toast. Click on the Scan button to activate the new push mode of ScanSnap functionality in ScandAll PRO. The new fi models should be up to one and a half times faster than their predecessors. According to the manufacturer, the fi-6130Z and fi-6230Z scan 40 sheets / 80 pages per minute and the fi-6140Z and fi-6240Z scanners 60 sheets / 120 pages per minute (A4, 200 dpi). The speed for color and black-and-white scans should be the same. Paper documents of various sizes, including up to three embossed credit cards, can be scanned together in a single stack.

Fujitsu fi-6750S Driver Download

The fi-6140Z and fi-6240Z models contain ScandAll PRO 2.0 in the premium version: scanned documents can be distributed faster using patch code or 2D code dividers (QRCode, PDF 417). The fi-6130Z and fi-6140Z models can also be equipped with a control pressure option. This allows users to print identifiers such as the date or alphanumeric characters on the back of the scanned document. In addition to an automatic document feeder, the fi-6230Z and fi-6240Z models include an additional, integrated flatbed unit. The starting price of the Z-Generation-Scanner is 1,050 Euro plus VAT. Customers using fi-6130, fi-6230, fi-6140, and fi-6240 scanners or any of the other fi-series models (currently supported models include fi-5950, fi-6800, fi-6770 (A) , fi-6670 (A), fi-6750S, fi-5530C2, fi-6240 (Z), fi-6230 (Z), fi-6140 (Z), fi-6130 (Z), fi-6110, and 5015C), you can upgrade to the new Z-generation software ScandAll PRO 2.0 and ScandAll PRO Premium.

Download Fujitsu fi-6750S Driver Scanner

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