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Download Epson K100 Driver Printer

Epson K100 Printer Driver. The Epson K100 is a four-color jet using piezoelectric printing technology in the format 210 x 297 mm without margins with a resolution of 5760х1440 dpi. The main feature of this technology: the print head is a part of the printer, and not consumables, and as a consequence, there is no need to purchase it separately and this positively affects the cost of consumables. Epson K100 uses a special technology pigment ink EPSON DURABrite Ultra, which is equipped with the entire line of universal printers of the K series. According to the manufacturer, DURABrite Ultra in combination with the original Epson photo paper not only provide bright and saturated color prints on both conventional and photographic paper, but also have light fastness up to 200 years! In addition, the prints have an amazing resistance to water. Now you can not be afraid of accidentally tipping a cup of tea on an important document or your favorite family picture.

Epson K100 Driver Download

Due to the fast drying ink DURABrite Ultra, you can take the printed document immediately after printing, without fear of smearing the ink. Another highlight of such ink is that the pigment does not penetrate into the fibers of the paper, but lies on the surface of the sheet. Therefore, when printing on plain paper, the image does not shine from the back side and allows printing from both sides of the sheet. In Epson K100, separate cartridges are used, which make it possible to use DURABrite Ultra inks as efficiently and economically as possible. For each of the colors there is a separate socket. By using this type of printer device, you do not have to throw out a single ink cartridge each time, only replace the cartridge (yellow, magenta, cyan, black) where the ink runs out. This favorably affects the cost price, the price of a cartridge of the same color, naturally, is much less than the cost of a combined one.

Download Epson K100 Driver Printer

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These drivers also support Epson K100 & K101
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