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Download Plustek ePhoto Z300 Driver Scanner

Plustek ePhoto Z300 Scanner Driver. The Plustek ePhoto Z300 has a reduced shape and not too bulky, equal to 289.9 mm x 160.6 mm x 158 mm, for a weight of just under 1.5 kg. This single sheet scanner, with triangular section, has a sloping front surface on which to insert at the top the documents or photos to be acquired. On the back side we find the power switch and the inputs for the power supply and for the USB connection cable to the PC or a Mac OS. A type A / B USB cable, a driver and software CD, a calibration sheet, a device cleaning cloth and a quick guide in several languages ​​(without an Italian translation) have been included in the package). Now let's move on to the analysis of the technical characteristics of this product. The heart of the Plustek ePhoto z300 is a CCD sensor with a maximum resolution of 300 dpiwith LED light source. As for scanning modes, this product can accept 48-bit input for color and 16-bit grayscale scans, returning 24 or 8-bit output respectively. The minimum scan area is 2.5 x 2.5 cm, while the maximum area is 21.6 x 29.7 cm (A4 sheet) and the maximum paper thickness is 0.76 mm. The Plustek ePhoto Z300 can be purchased for a price of 199 euros including VAT. The Plustek ePhoto Z300 is compatible with Windows PC and Mac with the drivers available both on the supplied CD and on the official Plustek page. This scanner also includes two different software. The first called ePhoto , useful for the acquisition and retouching of our favorite photos. An application for immediate use, suitable even for the less experienced, allowing quick sharing of scans on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Also Presto is also present! PageManager 9, software aimed at acquiring and managing documents with OCR functionality, saving on the cloud and more.

Plustek ePhoto Z300 Driver Download

Let's now turn to the analysis of the performance of this product. Compact and colorful, the e-Photo Z300 impresses with its white and blue color. It is an ideal product, in particular, for those who have a vast archive of photographic prints to be scanned quickly and stored on their PC. Its use is immediate, just insert the photo or the document at the top of the device to start the scan in a few moments, with a valid format recognition system. In particular with the two included software, once started, it is not necessary to perform any additional operation; in fact, it is possible to scan one after the other without pressing any button on the PC. I also remember the special integrated rollers, made in such a way as to prevent any damage to the photographs. With the ePhoto Z300 you get significantly reduced acquisition times of just under 3 seconds for a print in 10x15 format, while with an image that occupies a whole A4 sheet it takes about 5 seconds, always at the highest resolution, limited to 300 dpi. The results are generally positive even if the color rendering is not always completely faithful to the original. Now let's move on to the documents, even here with rapid acquisition times, equal to about 5 seconds for an A4 sheet of text only with a discrete quality with fairly sharp edges of the characters.

Download Plustek ePhoto Z300 Driver Scanner

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