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Download Doxie Go Plus Scanner Installer

Doxie Go Plus Scanner Driver. The range of Doxie pocket scanners was expanded at the end of last year with two new models. In addition to a "Doxie Go Plus" that evolves only by the capacity of its battery and its internal memory, the manufacturer has marketed a Doxie Go Wi-Fi that I test here. Sold around 250 € on the manufacturer's website, it represents the top of the basket and offers, in theory at least, the best of the range. As the name suggests, this model cuts the thread. This is not the first Doxie Wi-Fi, but until then, I had to settle for an Eyefi card to add the wireless function. Now, Wi-Fi components have been integrated and can be used directly without having to purchase an additional module. Is this the ultimate pocket scanner? Answer in my test! If you have used a Doxie Go or Doxie One scanner before, you will not be disappointed with this new model. Physically, the only difference in this wireless declination is the addition of a button dedicated to the Wi-Fi network, in the back, where there was previously a USB port. For the rest, it is still the same size of 26.7 cm long, 4.35 cm high and 5.6 cm wide.

Doxie Go Plus Driver Download

The version tested here is slightly heavier, but the difference of about ten grams will not be sensitive to use. For the rest, it's exactly the same with a button that turns on the scanner and choose the desired quality. The internal battery of the Doxie Go Wi-Fi is charged using the supplied AC adapter, or via the mini USB port and the supplied cable. Any computer or USB charger and that of your iOS device for example and it is able to charge the battery. We will come back to this, but this USB port is also used to transfer data, if we do not want to use Wi-Fi. Above all, the manufacturer recommends to fully charge the built-in battery. It is better to leave the scanner in charge until the light under the top button turns green. Just light it and place the calibration card in the device. This operation completes the implementation: the Doxie Go Wi-Fi is ready for use. From there, just place a sheet or cardboard box in the slot of the device, and scanning will start automatically.

Download Doxie Go Plus Scanner Installer

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