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Download Xerox DocuMate 4760 Driver Scanner

Xerox DocuMate 4760 Scanner Driver. Fast, accurate and it is very convenient to link a scan of the phone to wifi reception of files, of course, on the same phone and yes, a real turning point in your existence is with this scanner. In any case for me it's the revolution. No more paper jams, illegible scans, double-sided galleys. No more printer software that makes you want to go through your window! In short, stop the lexomil buy a DocuMate (preferably the higher-end version that offers a more complete software) and breathe! Xerox DocuMate 4760 is ideal for the home or office, the scanner works for all types of paper and sizes. Be careful though, when different grades of paper are mixed, it can create a paper jam. A reversal of the meaning of the documents generally solves the problem. Several proposals for converting scanned documents (pdf, word, etc).

Xerox DocuMate 4760 Driver Download

I bought this Xerox DocuMate 4760 to replace a previous "Evernote Edition" and I must say that I am very satisfied: the scanner itself is very good, solid and aesthetic but do not forget the software that make it very easy to use. This allows very fast and very accurate scan. You can adjust many parameters and create as many "profiles" as you want, not to mention that we can download a lot of soft "companions" on the manufacturer's website. In short, an excellent product that allows quality work. What I also appreciate is its ability to scan double-sided. Only "small detail" (but that can be important): this scanner is not compatible Twain. You must know it.

Download Xerox DocuMate 4760 Driver Scanner

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