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Download Samsung ML-3471ND Driver Printer

Samsung ML-3471ND Printer Driver. Great. You want to quickly print a few receipts after starting work and what happens there? The printer (a Samsung ML-3471ND black and white laser printer, which performed very well in test results) does not do it and reports an error message: "Internal Error Power On / Off - RIP" - no joke! "RIP" was really there! Since then, the printer is no longer available on the network and does not print anymore. Turning it off and on did not help. It then restarts and "Ready" appears on the display, but as soon as a new print job arrives, it switches back to "Internal Error". This error description, I then emailed to the Samsung support. That's what I call a clear error message: My Samsung ML-3471ND quits his service with the abbreviation RIP. The Samsung support emailed me back on my request, I should bring the printer to a service technician. Since I do not feel like doing that, because I have to print documents every day, I tried it a bit: The first thing I did is to print a test page via the printer's menu. It worked. Since I thought so, that not so much can be broken if he even creates a test page.

Samsung ML-3471ND Driver Download

The next step was to remove the LAN connection and plug in the good old USB cable. And lo and behold: Even over USB the printer prints without grumbling and growling. Now there are not many options left: Dehydrate the network card in the printer is broken, my LAN cable has a defect or the Time Capsule to which the printer is connected, refuses the network service, but in my view that is the most unlikely thing. I'll tell you what to do next and now I have to use the time when the printer feels fit enough to do his job and print some urgent stuff! Today I had the RIP error message again, but also on the USB port. After some rumbling came out that it was on a slip of Facebook, which was apparently a broken PDF. Whenever I wanted to print it, this error message came up. When printing from Adobe Acrobat even came the message that he had not found pages that he could print - quite strange. My solution: Import PDF into Photoshop and print from it. That went. 

Download Samsung ML-3471ND Driver Printer