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Download Canon Pixma TS6050 Driver Printer

Canon Pixma TS6050 Printer Driver. In office use, this Canon Pixma TS6050 delivers pretty good quality prints. I particularly appreciate the ability to print almost without margins and its correct resolution, although a little fair for small items, whether black and white or color documents. However, I will retain a global quality a little better in the first case. Despite a banding more present, the shades of gray are well restored. The use of color cartridges does not really affect these two parameters, but we add a test of water resistance whose results are simply mediocre and lead the note. Colorimetry is obviously also taken into account, but it is rather one of the areas in which Canon's small printer is doing well. The overall deltaE is 17.6. This is rather high, but mainly due to differences in green (dE 41.4) and I will forgive more easily than with other colors. The eye is only slightly sensitive. It is on the other hand much more face skin tones, that this PIXMA restores rather faithfully. The deltaE reaches here 6.7. The results are also very good in gray levels, and average in cyan and magenta. Rather fast for photo prints, the Canon Pixma TS6050 is however a little less convincing when it comes to quality even if the results are more than respectable given its positioning. Recall again that this is not his specialty.

Canon Pixma TS6050 Driver Download

It is essentially on the resolution that it feels. If pushing the photo settings to the maximum will appreciate a little more detail than with the basic ones to the print, never the precision of the specialized models will be reached. Or at least the best of them. It's just above the global average on this ground. However, the colors come out quite well, either with the default photo settings or settings pushed elsewhere. The differences are very slight, as evidenced by our measures from which dE means 10.6 and 10.5 respectively. It is even better to stay at first to preserve the best skin tones (dE of 4.6), even if the faces will not turn red either with the second (dE of 5.8) that correct everything from even in part the small drifts observed in cyan (dE of 11.4 against 12.1) and magenta (dE of 9.3 against 10.4). On the other hand, the dE remains high in the green, although half as much as printing conventional documents. The results are in both cases very good for yellow and gray levels. The black and white prints give mean results.

Download Canon Pixma TS6050 Driver Printer

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