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Download Canon Pixma TS5051 Driver Printer

Canon Pixma TS5051 Printer Driver. The Canon Pixma TS5051 display is large, colorful, readable and asks to be touch and not. Standard cursors in the form of keys were used for navigation. The whole panel together with the display has to be raised in order to be able to print, this slightly spoils the visual effect of the whole body. The lifting mechanism of the panel is so counter-balanced that in the raised position it bends under pressure of the fingers when I want to select something from the menu or confirm eg the size of the paper size. These are of course details, but provoked by assurances of 40% smaller dimensions, I had to attach to something, and 40% less, maybe even visually more. Quick prints, that's true. The Canon Pixma TS5051 test page from Windows 10 in standard quality is about 6 seconds, not counting the processing time through the interface and the computer. Innovative photo tray, yes: I simply put photo paper eg. 10x15 into the upper tray as ordinary cards and we already print. It's a really cool thing. I printed after WiFi from the computer and from the smartphone be problems. For printing from a smartphone, you need a special application in my case for the Android system. Of course, the app works, but its functionality still leaves to be desired.

Canon Pixma TS5051 Driver Download

On the plus side you should include the manual in the form of a book, with the possibility of scanning QR codes, which will direct me immediately to wizards and help on the manufacturer's website, or instructional videos "step by step". An exemplary photograph sent from a 10x15 cm smartphone will actually be printed in under 1 minute. Its quality is decent. Canon Pixma TS5051 printing documents in high quality is not a problem for Canon, regardless of the quality of printouts I define. The only differences are the intensity of the color, coverage, which depends on the amount of ink used in the option. On images in standard quality, you can not see connecting successively printed by the line heads, the quality is really ok. The Canon Pixma TS5051 scanner offers decent resolutions and is definitely enough in a typical application. Fast copying of documents both in black and color is also possible.

Download Canon Pixma TS5051 Driver Printer