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HP ProBook 640 G2 Y3B42ES Driver Download

HP ProBook 640 G2 Y3B42ES Driver Download. The HP ProBook 640 G2 is a true desktop replacement with its powerful performance. Whether business users or demanding home users-the ProBook is a reliable all-rounder for everyday tasks in the office and on the way to the side. The sturdy and stylish case, partly made of brushed aluminum, represents the Intel HD graphics on Windows 10 Home on its  matte 13-inch Full HD display (also available in 14 and 15.6 inches). Flat and light It's the standard MIL-STD810G-and makes your active lifestyle anytme. Whether you are on a business trip or climbing.

HP ProBook 640 G2 Y3B42ES Driver Download

HP ProBook and other HP business units offer a high degree of planning security for corporate customers. Spare parts are up to 5 years  after the end of the product life cycle available. In addition, HP ensures long and overlapping life and transition cycles. So support and repairability are secured for a long time. In the case back are two easily accessible maintenance flaps for memory, hard drive bay and the M.2 interface for an SSD-if not already available. The battery can be easily removed and replaced. Thanks to the performance of the Intel i3 CPU and 8 GB of RAM, the notebook under Windows can easily run several business applications in parallel. Whether at a desk, in a meeting, at a presentation or on the go, the HP ProBook 430 G4 quickly connects to all peripherals with a variety of connectivity options. Content can be stored, released and recalled faster via the three USB ports (including 1 USB C). By VGA connection you connect a second HD screen or projector to the ProBook, via Gigabit LAN the computer is fast in the company or home network. Professional peripherals such as the  HP Pro Displays or the  HP Notebook Power Bank give the HP ProBook 430 a full-featured user experience-whether at work or at leisure. HP Biosphere  increases the safety of the notebook and keeps business-critical and private data and systems featuring custom authentication and passwords on the BIOS level before the Windows Security systems perfectly  under wraps. 
HP ProBook 640 G2 Y3B42ES Driver Download
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