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Download Lexmark XC2132 Driver Printer

Lexmark XC2132 Printer Driver. Lexmark XC2132 is a very good multifunction printer (printing, copying, scanning). Operating instructions are not particularly detailed and valid for several devices. You first have to compare which device is described. Color prints are pretty good for a laser printer. For the printer, a 3m USB cable is recommended (you have to order extra), although from Lexmark a max. 2 m long cable is recommended. The scan function does not work properly with the longer cable. The service of Amazon is exceptionally good, you get immediate response and requests are answered immediately. Great praise! The Lexmark XC2132 printer works without problems and gives very good results. Even a text recognition software is included, which can serve well. Some things criticized here can be improved by manually changing the settings. For example, you can set how often or when the printer should calibrate. The consumption can also be significantly reduced by changing the settings. My Lexmark XC2132 has recently refused to print from one printout to the next, even just to paint another color print, because all the color toners are supposed to be empty. This, even though the printing before all colors were very good. This was previously the case with the black color, which I exchanged for it.

Lexmark XC2132 Driver Download

After I unpacked the printer and installed the Lexmark XC2132 drivers, I could not wait to get the multifunction printer up and running. I only recommend this laser. For this price, he works really fast and the prints are great. I can agree with the previous speakers about the paper jam. The second page got stuck and was easy to remove. Let's get to the scanner: I do not need to say anything about this, it's fast, and features about the Lexmark software are extensive and easy to use. The Lexmark XC2132 print quality is excellent. Even the scans leave nothing to be desired after a few adjustments made to increase the contrast. The speed is not terribly good, but certainly within the frame and in the 10 months that I now own it (and not just rarely use) I had not a single paper jam. The only catch that gives him a star deduction is that the part with a good 22 kg is not suitable for every desk and especially with glass tables, or inferior pressboard tables, as used for example for desks in children's rooms be better under it than on top of it. Already after a few scans / copies this unit was broken. The return and the exchange were done in 5 days. Great! Otherwise highly recommended!

Download Lexmark XC2132 Driver Printer

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