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Download Lexmark XC2130 Driver Printer

Lexmark XC2130 Printer Driver. I'm working with the device for a few weeks now. The Lexmark XC2130 print quality is very good. Unfortunately, the supplied printer cartridges were only slightly filled, so that after a short time all 4 printer cartridges had to be replaced. That was equal to over 200 EUR. When scanning with the cut sheet feeder, the format of the scan changes and you have a document with pages of different sizes. I have tried a few settings, but I get that only in the handle, if I put the sheets manually on the template glass. Once calibrated once a day, it makes quite annoying sounds for a few minutes. The Lexmark registers itself in the Registry and annoyed at the beginning quite massively with error messages with the unsubscribe. The great thing is that you have many functions in one device: fax, printer, copier, color scanner. And as I said, the quality is great. After years of using inkjet printers, I opted for a laser printer.

Lexmark XC2130 Driver Download

The reasons are quickly called: old Canon printer did not print clean, ink cartridges slowly go into the money and I did not want to swap the print head. Although the quality of the prints does not come close to a photo printer, I am pleasantly surprised because the printer brings graphics and images clean and colorful on paper and film. For a layman, the Lexmark XC2130 photo prints are great, but for a professional, I think not good enough. I use normal 80gr. Kopierpaier. & the cheapest Laser Foil from Amazon printed on it. The black and white and color prints are razor-sharp and neither frayed nor otherwise illegible. Lexmark XC2130 has a real ON / OFF switch, he is on, and a few minutes not used, he quickly switches to standby and also wakes up quickly. The volume is very pleasant, not disturbing, the same goes for the scanner, fast and good resolution. For this price a pretty acceptable and good device!

Download Lexmark XC2130 Driver Printer

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